How To Use Your Mantra

If you read "What is a Mantra?" you know there is no correct or incorrect way to use a mantra. Here, I let you know how I use mantras, as well as offer some alternate suggestions. Feel free to share how you use mantras in the comments to provide further offerings to others. How, when, where, and why you use mantras is a personal choice with countless possibilities.

I started using mantras during my yoga practice as a way to focus and calm my mind and inspire myself to work to my potential. I focus on one word per practice and allow it to guide my journey on the yoga mat. It works wonders for days when it's difficult to close off my mind to outside thoughts or days I arrive on the mat a bit more tired than usual. Here's a brief list of some suggestions for how to use mantras. Find what works for you! Be with the word. See what resonates.

Focus on your one word mantra...

  • During meditation as a primary focus of attention. Either repeat the word continuously or use it to guide your thoughts, contemplating the meaning of the word in your life and in the world.
  • On the yoga mat, at sports practice, at rehearsal, while working out... all of this is meditating in its own way. Allow the word to inspire you and encourage you physically and mentally.
  • First thing in the morning, or throughout your day... let the word work through you as it will and set the tone of the day. Heighten awareness of the word and its meaning throughout the day and notice when it comes into play in your life.
  • Internally, use it for you alone... let the word inspire personal growth. Notice if it's a strength or a weakness of yours, how much of it is in your life, how you can bring even more in!
  • And share it with others! Radiate the word to the outside world and let others feed off of your inspiration and energy. Help others find it in their life.

How do you use mantras?

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